Can be due to many reasons -hormonal, hereditary, infection induced, psychiatry induced, hairstyling and chemicals /products induced, due nutritional deficiencies,due to pregnancy,due to illness etc

Get rightly diagnosed from us and get treatment accordingly


  1. Dpcp chemical stimulation therapy for alopecia areata
  2. Phenolic stimulation therapy for alopecia areata
  3. ILS therapy for Alopecia areata
  4. Phototherapy for alopecia areata

Male pattern and female pattern hair loss(hormonal/hereditary/nutritional)

  1. PRP -It’s the most advanced method to stop hair fall -we inject your own plasma inside the hair roots to stimulate the growth
  2. Low-level light therapy increases the blood supply at the root level and kills the bacteria and fungus
  3. Meso therapy-nutritional serum prepared in the library are injected into the hair roots
  4. hair transplant-when the roots are totally damaged and none of the tablets and serums work we perform hair transplant,you get 100 percent natural hairs that will grow and if taken care properly will last upto 10years

Hair care

  1. PRP for hair growth
  2. Light therapy for hair stimulation
  3. Hijama therapy
  4. Dandruff therapy by light and spray